St. Margaret Renovations

August 1, 2021

Like anything over 100 years old, the St. Margaret Queen of Scotland Catholic Church needed renovations and additions to keep up with the times. The church was originally constructed in 1912 as part of a Hungarian Settlement in Louisiana. All of the touches of the Gothic Revival were considered in the construction of it. As of 2015, a plan was put in place to restore the church and preserve the memory and unique Hungarian and French heritage and culture surrounding this building. Hoffpauir Studio, LLC was selected for the restoration and the addition bringing a complete understanding and knowledge to preserve the church. Recently they won an AIA Louisiana Merit Award because the jury felt the thoughtfulness they brought to this project is often overlooked. They were particularly impressed with the story of the discovery of the original window during demolition and how this window was restored and integrated into the design of the expanded sanctuary.

Maginnis Construction was honored to have been part of this project. Read more about the history of the church’s architecture here and see more about the project here.